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An Cafe (or Antic Cafe) (アンティック-珈琲店-, Antikku kafe?) is a Japanese rock band formed in 2003 and signed to the independent label Loop Ash. They have been described as an oshare kei band, a subset of visual kei; however, they refer themselves to Visual Kei. As of their formation, the group has released four full-length albums and two EPs. On September 1, 2009, the band announced that after their live on January 4, 2010, at the Nippon Budokan, they will be suspending activities and put the group on a hiatus.
Also known as
Antic Cafe
Tokyo, Japan
Rock, Pop Rock
Years active

2003–2010 (on hiatus)
Loop Ash, MusicRay'n, Red Cafe (Japan), Gan-Shin (EU), Sony BMG (Korea), Maru Music (US)


An Cafe was formed in May 2003 by vocalist Miku, guitarist Bou and bassist Kanon. Miku's former band, Revirii, had disbanded two months earlier in April, and even though the band did not have a drummer at this point, they started to perform at several events. They were later joined by Teruki after he left his former band, Feathers-Blue.

In 2004, after their PMC failed to gain a strong foothold, An Cafe released their first demos and signed a record deal with Loop Ash. Their first release, "Candyholic", was released in March and reached the second spot on the Oricon indies single chart. The band continued touring and releasing, including their first album, Shikisai Moment, in 2005. The band released even more singles in 2006 until their second studio album, Magnya Carta (a play on "Magna Carta").

In 2007, the band announced their first overseas appearance at Project A-Kon. The announcement of this was followed shortly by the departure of guitarist Bou. The last performance with Bou was on April 30, 2007, and was featured in a DVD titled Hibiya On ☆The☆ 0 New Sekai. After Bou left the band, two new members were announced: Takuya was to replace Bou as the guitarist and Yu-ki was to join An Cafe as a keyboardist. The first single with their new lineup was announced as "Kakusei Heroism" followed by "Ryūsei Rocket". At the end of 2007, An Cafe announced their first overseas tour, taking place in Europe in 2008.

In the opening weeks of 2008, An Cafe announced their upcoming single, "Cherry Saku Yuki!!", in February, as well as their next studio album, Gokutama Rock Cafe, which was released on April 9, 2008.

An Cafe's first EP, Harajuku Dance Rock, was released by the LA based Maru Music on March 13, 2009. This special release was made exclusively for overseas fans in North America and Europe.

BB Parallel World, An Cafe's fourth studio album, was released in Japan on September 9, 2009; and in Europe on October 2, 2009. It contains title track singles "Aroma", "Summer Dive" and "Natsu Koi ★ Natsu GAME", and eight other songs.

In 2010, An Cafe announced that they will be taking a break from activities. It is unknown as to how long they will be on hiatus, but they have not stated they will be disbanding. The message, issued on their official homepage, claims that "after the Budokan show, each member will concentrate on their own activity to be prepared for the band to restart in the future." The aforementioned Nippon Budokan show took place on January 4, 2010.

In wake of the hiatus, several members are now involved in other projects. Kanon is heading a mobile phone game called Pinky☆Distortion, which is to be released in July 2010. He will also be a guest at Otakon 2010 as a panelist and a guest DJ. Miku is serving as the vocalist for the new visual-kei band, Lc5, which started in June 2010.


Tsukiyama Akiharu AKA Miku

Real name: Tsukiyama Akiharu
Stage Name: Miku
Age: 26
Date of birth: January 5th, 1984
Horoscope: Capricorn
Chinese zodiac: Rat
Bloodtype: A
Height: 164cm (5'3")
Weight: 54kg (118 LBS)
Family: Dad, mother, younger sister, Miruku (hamster)(deceased), Nyappy(chan) (dog)

Fun Facts about Miku

Hobbies: Shopping, walking, cooking, and playing the guitar
Favorite food: Sushi, hamburgers, ramen
Favorite colors: White, Black, Red, Gold and Silver
Favorite band: Kagerou, T.M. Revolution
Admired person: Daisuke from Kagerou
Smokes: Salem Pianissimo
Piercings: 2 in left ear, 1 in right ear, 2 around mouth, 1 on arm

-Miku was a hard-working student at school and liked math and sports (judo) the most.
-Although he was hopeless in literature, he can still write very good lyrics for the band.
-Sometimes the lyrics don't make sense, but normally they tell about romance or daily life.
-Miku got his interest in music mostly form watching Kagerou live, but he was interested in music before that as well.
-Miku has had stuffed Donald Duck plushies in clips and lives, and can also speak with a Donald Duck Voice.
-He made a song for Donald, called "Donald Duck No Magical Adventure".
-Donald was Miku's favorite Disney Character when he was a child.
-He thinks Donald is cute and has a funny voice.
-Miku has also used the word Tiramisu, which is an Italian dessert. He said his meaning of the word is secret, but that it comes from when he was in school.
-Often you see the word nyappy which is Miku's version of happy. The opposite of it is, of course, un-nyappy.
-Because of Miku there is almost a whole new language, like his word "tekesuta, which means "save me, and the real version of the word in Japanese is tasukete.
-Miku's (deceased) hamster, Miruku, is also famous. It's name comes from the english word milk.
-Also one of Miku's nicknames is Milk-tea.
-Miku now has a dog named Nyappy.
-His style is very oshare kei, funky and colorful, but with style.
-He doesn't have a feminine image like Bou.
-Miku's hair is normally colored in a brown shade.
-When AnCafe started, Miku often had hairclips in, and he still occasionally does this.


Name : Takuya
Age: 22
Date of birth: February 9th 1988
Horoscope : Aquarius

Chinese Zodiac : Dragon
Blood Type: A

Fun Facts about Takuya

Hobby: Taking baths
Favorite food: Fruit
Favorite brand: Gibson
Favorite color: White, black and red
Favorite Shampoo: Lux
Random Facts: Doesn't smoke, No piercings

Sano Shinya AKA Kanon


Real name: Sano Shinya

Stage name: Kanon
Age: 26
Date of birth: July 5th, 1984
Place of Birth: Chiba, Japan
Horoscope: Cancer
Chinese zodiac: Rat
Bloodtype: O
Height: 165cm (5'4")
Weight: 53kg (116 LBS.)
Shoe Size: 24.5-25.5 cm (10)
Family: Grandmother, dad, mother, older sister, younger brother

Fun Facts about Kanon

Hobbies: Shopping, games
Favorite food: Gurasse, Sake
Favorite brands: Vivian, Bibi anh, Square enix
Favorite colors: Purple, black, white, silver, gold
Favorite band: Plastic Tree
Perfume: CK ONE
Smokes: Kodawari Nashi, anything but menthol
Shampoo: FINO, LUX
Piercing: One in lips

Yuuki AKA Yu-ki

Real Name : Yuuki
Stage name: Yu-ki
Age: 24
Date of birth: August 29th 1986
Horoscope : Virgo

Chinese Zodiac Ox

Fun Facts about Yu-ki

Favorite food: Sweet ones, harsh ones and sour ones.
Favorite brand: D&G, BVLGARI and ROLEX
Favorite color: Gold, black and silver
Tobacco: ROSE
Perfume: Febreeze
Shampoo: Vidal Sassoon
Hobbies: Collecting watches, Looking at puppies over the window at the petshop on the way back home from Roppoingi

Nagano Teruki AKA Teruki

Real name: Nagano Teruki
Stage name: Teruki
Age: 30
Date of birth: December 8th, 1980
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Chinese zodiac: Monkey
Bloodtype: A
Height: 170cm (5'5")
Weight: 45kg  (99 LBS)
Family: Dad, mother, two older sisters

Fun Facts about Teruki

Hobbies: Sake, respecting the nature
Favorite food: Alcohol, apples
Favorite brands: PAISTE, TAMA
Favorite colors: Colors which fits to the mood
Favorite band: Dir en grey, LUNA SEA, Mr. Children
Perfume: Cool water woman
Smokes: Not smoking
Shampoo: LUX
Piercings: 9 in left ear, 8 in right ear, 1 in nose, 4 around mouth, belly button and 1 in left nipple

Former members

Saitou Kazuhiro AKA Bou

Real name: Saitou Kazuhiro
Stage name: Bou
Age: 27
Birthday: September 16th, 1983
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: O
Height: 158cm (5'1")
Weight: 47kg (103 LBS)
Family: Dad, Mum, Older Sister

Fun Facts about Bou

Hobbies: Sleeping
Favorite food: Pork and rice, Japanese pasta, gelatin cheesecake
Favorite brands: Paul Smith, Putumayo
Favorite colors: Purple, Black and gold
Favorite band: LUNA SEA, D
Perfume: Pink sugar
Smokes: Buoyantly, Pukapuka
Piercings: 1 in left ear
-Bou usually says in his sentences, "nyan nyan". It's meant to be like a cat. Bou said in one interview that he also often says "datte datte datte" ("but but but"). Bou is also known for making the 'peace' sign often and saying "piisu," coming from the English word "peace."
-Teruki has said that Bou tends to be messy and he has to tell him to clean up.

-Miku has also said that Bou is late in getting up and is usually late for departure time.


Yu-ki (keyboards) uses a Korg X50 and a Yamaha MO6 in a firm Ultimate AX48B rack. His speaker is a Roland Jazz-Chorus 120 and he has a Mackie 1202-VLZ PRO mixing panel as well. A lot of functions are used, for instance the excessive use of pitch bend in Respect Mommy on the Yamaha MO6 and the use of his arpeggiator (on the Yamaha MO6 as well) in Cherry Saku Yuki!!.

Takuya (guitar) uses a White-brown Fender, a Paul Reed Smith, a G&L Telecaster, a Dean and some stompboxes, including the Boss Super Chorus and MXR/Phase 90.

Kanon (bass) uses two kinds of Fender Jazz Bass'es, a EBS/Multi Comp and a Basson speaker.

Teruki (drums) has the following setup: one Splash Cymbal (Paiste 10"), two Crash Cymbals (Paiste 16" and 18") Cymbals, one China Cymbal (Paiste 18"), one Ride Cymbal (Zild jan 20"), one Hi-Hat (Zild jan 14"), one Hi-Hat stand (Pearl), a Bass Drum (Pearl 22" x 16"), a Snare (Pearl 14" x 5,5"), one Mid Tom (Pearl 12" x 8"), one Floor Tom (Pearl 16" x 16"), two Pedals (Pearl) and Behringer amplification


An Cafe has been a long time supporter and endorser of popular Japanese fashion label Sex Pot Revenge, and they are frequently seen wearing clothing from that label. They have appeared on the cover of Sex Pot Revenge free company magazine, V!nyl Syndicate.

In 2008, An Cafe vocalist Miku hosted Volume 2 of Visual Kei DVD Magazine alongside the magazine's mascot, Biju

International recognition

An Cafe has gained great success in Japan. It has also gained moderate success in Europe, mainland Asia (Korea, China), Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Canada and the United States.

In 2008, the band visited Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, the UK, Spain, the US, and Korea on their first overseas tour, 「Live Cafe-Tour '08 - Nyappy Go Around World」. They played a total of twelve concerts in the eight countries.

As of November 2008, An Cafe confirmed an overseas tour, 「LIVE CAFE TOUR '09 NYAPPY GO AROUND THE WORLD Ⅱ -Harajuku Dance Rock Night-」 which encompassed twelve countries: Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and the USA. This tour took place over March and April, playing a total of 17 dates.


Albums EPs Singles DVDs
  • "Like an cafe" (ライカ・カフェ, October 10, 2004)
  • "20051203 Shikisai A On" (20051203色彩亜音, December 3, 2005)
  • "Yagai de nyappy" (野外でニャッピー, December 17, 2006)
  • "Hibiya on ★the★ o New World" (HIBIYA ON★ザ★御NEW世界, July 2, 2007)
  • "Nyappy Go Around Fever" (April 25, 2008)
  • "AnCafesta '08 Summer Dive" (December 24, 2008)
  • "Live Cafe - Tour '08 Nyappy Go Around the World" (March 11, 2009)
  • "Finale of Nyappy - Kawayusu Rock de Go Gogo!!" (November 4, 2009)
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