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Tokio Hotel
is a German band founded in Magdeburg, Germany in 2001 by singer Bill Kaulitz, guitarist Tom Kaulitz, drummer Gustav Schäfer and bassist Georg Listing.The quartet have scored four number one singles and have released three number one albums in their native country, selling nearly 5 million CDs and DVDs there.After recording an unreleased demo-CD under the name "Devilish" and having their contract with Sony BMG Germany terminated, the band released their first German-language album, Schrei, as Tokio Hotel on Universal Music Germany in 2005. Schrei sold more than half a million copies worldwide and spawned four top five singles in both Germany and Austria. In 2007, the band released their second German album Zimmer 483 and their first English album Scream which have combined album sales of over one million copies worldwide and helped win the band their first MTV Europe Music Award for Best InterAct. The former, Zimmer 483, spawned three top five singles in Germany while the latter, Scream, spawned two singles that reached the top twenty in new territories such as Portugal, Spain and Italy. In September 2008, they won in the US their first MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist. In October 2008, they won four awards including Best International Artist and Song of the year at Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica held in Mexico. Tokio Hotel became the first German band ever to win an award at the MTV VMAs and also at the MTV Latin America Awards. They also picked up the Headliner award at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2008 held in Liverpool on 6 November 2008 and the Award for Best Group on 5 November 2009 at the MTV Europe Music Award held in Berlin.

Founding Tokio Hotel was founded by vocalist Bill Kaulitz and guitarist Tom Kaulitz, who are identical twin brothers, drummer Gustav Schäfer and bass-guitarist Georg Listing. The four met in 2001 after a live show in a Magdeburg club, where Listing and Schäfer, who knew each other from music school, watched from the audience while Bill and Tom Kaulitz played on the stage. Under the name Devilish, the band soon began playing in talent shows and small concerts. After Bill Kaulitz's participation in a children's Star Search in 2003 at age thirteen (which he lost in the quarter-final), he was discovered by music producer Peter Hoffmann. Devilish changed their name to Tokio Hotel: "Tokio", the German spelling of the Japanese city Tokyo, due to a love of the city, and "Hotel" due to their constant touring and living in hotels.Soon after Sony BMG took them under contract, Hoffmann hired David Jost and Pat Benzner into the team of creators and authors, and had them give the teens instruction on songwriting and instrument playing; most of the songs of the first album were written by Hoffmann, Jost and Benzer (including the singles "Scream" and "Rescue me" which were completely written by them), only the single "Unendlichkeit" was written completely by Tokio Hotel themselves. However, shortly before release of their first album, Sony terminated their contract. In 2005, Universal Music Group took Tokio Hotel under contract and developed a marketing plan. The band has now become one of the biggest acts from Germany.

SchreiTheir first single, "Durch den Monsun" ("Through the Monsoon"), quickly rose in the charts, appearing on the German official Media Control single chart at #15 on 20 August 2005 and eventually reaching #1 on 26 August 2005; it also reached #1 on the Austrian singles chart. Their second single, "Schrei" ("Scream"), climbed to the #5 position in the German charts. These two songs were written by singer Bill Kaulitz together with their group of producers Peter Hoffmann, David Jost, Pat Benzer and Dave Roth. Their debut album, Schrei, was released on 19 September 2005, which the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry – Germany later awarded a platinum certification for selling over 200,000 copies.In 2006, a third and fourth single, "Rette mich" ("Rescue Me") and "Der letzte Tag" ("The Final Day"), were released; both reached #1 as well. "Der letzte Tag" contained a B-side called "Wir schließen uns ein", which was also accompanied by a music video.

Zimmer 483 The first single off their second album Zimmer 483 (Room 483), called "Übers Ende der Welt" (later re-released in English under the name "Ready, Set, Go!"), was released on 26 January 2007 and quickly reached #1 in Germany and Austria, and #2 in France. Zimmer 483 was released in Germany on 23 February 2007, along with a deluxe edition of the album containing a DVD. The album's second single, "Spring nicht" ("Don't Jump") was released on 7 April. The tour accompanying the release of the album, The Zimmer 483 Tour, was scheduled to start in March 2007, but was delayed by two weeks because the band members wished to have a different stage design. A third single, "An deiner Seite (Ich bin da)" ("By Your Side"), was released on the 16 November. The single contains the B-side "1000 Meere" ("1000 Oceans"), for which a music video was also produced. On 28 April 2008 Tokio Hotel released their single "Heilig" but no music video for the single was released, because of the tight schedule they had.

Scream Tokio Hotel's first English language album, Scream, was released on 4 June 2007 throughout Europe. In Germany, the album was released as Room 483 in order to emphasize the continuity with their last German album Zimmer 483. Scream contains English versions of a selection of songs from their German-language albums Schrei and Zimmer 483. "Monsoon", the English-language version of "Durch den Monsun", was the first single from the album. "Ready, Set, Go!" (the translation of "Übers Ende der Welt") was released as the album's second single and "Scream", the English-language version of their 2005 hit "Schrei", was also recorded, and was released to the iTunes Store in early March 2008.

Tokio Hotel gave their first concert in the United Kingdom on 19 June 2007. "Ready, Set, Go!" was released in the UK as the band's first single on 27 August 2007. The song reached #77 in the UK Singles Chart.

Tokio Hotel won an MTV Europe Music Award for Best InterAct on 1 November 2007 and were also nominated for Best Band. They performed "Monsoon" at the event.

Tokio Hotel released their first US single, simply called "Tokio Hotel", in late 2007. The single contains the tracks "Scream" and "Ready, Set, Go!", and was available exclusively at Hot Topic stores. Their second US single, "Scream America", was released on 11 December 2007. The single contains the track "Scream" and a remix of "Ready, Set, Go!" by AFI's Jade Puget. In February 2008, the band toured North America for five dates starting in Canada and finishing up in New York.After appearing and performing live on MuchMusic, while touring in Canada, "Ready, Set, Go!" entered the MuchOnDemand Daily 10, a countdown of videos chosen by viewers. It remained there for over a week, then returned to the top of the MOD Daily 10 chart on April 8. "Scream" was released in Canada on 25 March and in the US on 6 May.

1000 Hotels Tour The "1000 Hotels" European Tour began on 3 March 2008 in Brussels and continued to locations including The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Scandinavia, and was scheduled to finish on 9 April; however, during the concert in Marseille, France on 14 March, Bill started to experience vocal problems. He let the audience sing more frequently than normal and instead of the original 21 songs that were on the set list, they only played 16 songs. Bill apologized, in German, for his bad singing and explained that he was sick. Two days later, the band canceled Lisbon, Portugal concert minutes before it was supposed to commence. The rest of the "1000 Hotels" Tour and a scheduled North American Tour were cancelled following an announcement in Bild by the band's manager that Bill Kaulitz had to undergo surgery to remove a cyst on his vocal cords.

Bill Kaulitz had been putting strain on his voice after playing 43 concerts in the 1000 Hotels tour without vacation. He had to undergo Larynx surgery on March 30 to remove a cyst that had formed on his vocal cords. The cyst was the result of a throat infection that went untreated. Following his surgery, Bill was unable to speak for twelve days, and had four weeks of vocal rehabilitation. If Bill had continued singing the rest of the tour, his voice would have eventually been permanently damaged. Tokio Hotel started performing again in May 2008 and after that they embarked on a 2nd part of their 1000 Hotels European Tour adding many Open Air concerts and wrapping up the tour on July 13 in Werchter, Belgium.

United States tours and Humanoid Tokio Hotel embarked on a second tour of North America in August 2008. The band's music video for "Ready Set Go!" was nominated for Best Pop Video at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, where they also won the award for Best New Artist. They returned to North America again in October 2008 for a month long tour of concerts and record store signings. In December 2008, a behind-the scenes DVD called Tokio Hotel TV - Caught on Camera was released. It contains footage from Tokio Hotel TV and backstage feature stories of the previous year on disc one entitled "History - The very best of Tokio Hotel TV!". A deluxe edition contains a second disc entitled "Future - The road to the new Album!" which features footage of the band on promotion tours and preparing for their third studio album.

In between the North American tours, the band returned to their record studio in Hamburg to record their third studio album, Humanoid, which, according to their producer David Jost, is currently set for release on October 2, 2009. This is despite earlier statements predicting a March/April 2009 release or a May/June 2009 release. The album was recorded in both German and English with both versions were released simultaneously worldwide.

On August 10, it was announced on MTV news that the first German single would be "Automatisch" and its English counterpart, "Automatic", would also be released as a first single in the United States. On August 20, MTV Buzzworthy released a video which previewed "Automatic" and Cherrytree Records announced that the English version of the song would be released in the US on September 22. Nevertheless, the video for the single was released on September 3.

On November 2, it was announced on Tom's Blog that the second English single would be "World Behind My Wall" and its German counterpart, "Lass uns laufen", would be the second German single.The music videos for both versions were released on December 14 and December 15.

Bill Kaulitz


Bill Kaulitz-Trumper
(born 1 September 1989 in Leipzig, East Germany) better known as Bill Kaulitz, is a German singer, songwriter, voice actor and model, best known for his androgynous, feminine style and his work from 1999 to the present as the lead singer of the band Tokio Hotel, formerly known as Devilish.

Early life (1989 - 1999) Bill Kaulitz was born on September 1, 1989 in Leipzig, East Germany ten minutes after his identical twin brother Tom.His parents, Simone and Jörg Kaulitz, separated when Bill and his brother were seven and eventually his mother began dating again. After being in a relationship with him for 12 years, Simone married Gordon Trümper, a guitarist from the German rock band Fatun, on August 1, 2009.

Bill showed an early interest in singing, as did Tom in playing guitar. Trümper noticed the twins' musical inclinations, and helped the twins to start their own band. According to Bill in several interviews, he and Tom started writing music at the age of seven.

Early musical career and the band Devilish (1999–2003) At the age of ten the brothers began performing live in Magdeburg, near their hometown of Loitsche, under the pseudonym Black Question Mark. They played small shows and while their audiences enjoyed them, they were largely unknown. The band lacked a drummer and bass player and the twins relied on a keyboard to fill in other instrumental sounds.

The year Bill and Tom turned twelve, everything changed. In the audience at one of their shows were Georg Listing (then 14) and Gustav Schäfer (then 13). Listing and Schäfer were friends and after the show, having liked what they heard and saw, made an offer to join. The band was promptly re-named "Devilish" due to an article published at the time that referred to their "devilishly great" sound. The four continued to perform, but aside from being featured on a small-time German news program somewhere between late 2002 and early 2003, Devilish weren't going anywhere until Bill auditioned on the reality TV talent show "Star Search."

Star Search and the release of Schrei (2003–2005) In 2003 Bill (13) tried out for the German version of Star Search as a result of a bet made by the twins over a girl, but after performing the song "It's Raining Men" in the quarter-final, Bill lost to Oliver Bruton (who went on to lose the competition as well). Bill took the loss hard emotionally; however, his performance opened the door to new opportunities. David Jost watched Bill's performance and soon after approached Devilish with an offer to be their manager.

Jost managed to get Devilish signed to Sony BMG, but Sony terminated the contract just as Devilish were recording their self-titled debut album (although the tracks from the album can be found on YouTube).

Again, Devilish found themselves searching for a record label. During this time, since they were relatively well known and touring parts of Germany, Devilish decided a name change was appropriate.

They eventually settled on Tokio Hotel; "Tokio" being the German spelling of the city Tokyo, Japan — a city that the band dreamed of visiting - and "Hotel" as their constant touring led to frequent stays in hotels throughout Germany.

This continued until 2005 when Jost arranged a meeting between the band and Universal Music Group's Interscope Records and Tokio Hotel was signed. They began working immediately, releasing their debut LP Schrei ("Scream") later that year. Their first single off of Schrei was "Durch den Monsun" ("Through The Monsoon"), which reached #1 in Germany within a month of its release.

Other singles included "Schrei" ("Scream"), "Rette mich" ("Save Me" - re-released as "Rescue Me" in English speaking countries), and "Der letzte Tag" ("The Last Day" re-released as "Final Day" in English speaking countries). The single "Schrei" peaked at #5 in the German charts, "Rette mich" and "Der letzte Tag" both peaked at #1 on the German charts. Tokio Hotel were rapidly building their celebrity in Germany.

First tour, Zimmer 483, and growing success (2005 - 2007) Tokio Hotel launched their debut tour in Germany, to support the release of Schrei and its singles. They toured Germany and also recorded a live DVD. On stage, Bill was noted and well-known for his energetic style and harmonizing with the fans (he would frequently let the audience sing verses instead of him).

In 2006, Bill voiced the role of Arthur in the first part of the German version of the film Arthur and the Invisibles.

Tokio Hotel were a household name in Germany at this point, and this compelled the band to return to the studio. After the success of Schrei, Tokio Hotel began working on their second album, Zimmer 483 (Room 483), released in February 2007. The album spawned three singles initially: "Übers Ende der Welt" ("Over the End of the World" - released as "Ready, Set, Go!"), "Spring nicht" ("Don't Jump"), and "An deiner Seite (Ich bin da)" ("By Your Side (I am there)" - released as "By Your Side"). A fourth single, "Heilig" ("Holy" - released as "Sacred"), was released in 2008.

To support the release of Zimmer 483, Tokio Hotel began a continental tour of Europe, spawning another live DVD and a large publicity boost. Bill Kaulitz was on his way to becoming an international rock icon along with Tokio Hotel.

International breakthrough, Scream, and 1000 Hotels tour disaster (2007 - 2008) As Tokio Hotel's fanbase increased in the Western part of the world, Kaulitz and the band decided to re-record select songs from both Schrei and Zimmer 483 for a new English-language LP so that fans around the world could understand the band's songs. The result of these re-recorded songs was Tokio Hotel's debut English album, titled Scream. The album was released in Europe in mid-2007 (albeit with the name Room 483, the literal translation of Zimmer 483, to express it's continuity with that album), however it did not reach release in the West until mid-2008.

Scream spawned four singles, including "Scream", "Monsoon" (the translated version of "Durch den Monsun" however the title was not 100% literally translated), "Don't Jump" (the translated version of "Spring Nicht"), and "Ready, Set, Go!" (the translated version of "Übers Ende der Welt", again not a literal translation of the title). Scream was moderately successful internationally, and to support the release, Tokio Hotel left Europe for the first time in their careers, and flew to the United States.

In February 2008 Tokio Hotel first set foot in North America to play five shows, starting in Canada and ending in New York. Tokio Hotel were the first German act since Nena to gain success internationally, and maintain their status. The U.S. tour was a success, but when they went back to Europe for their 1000 Hotels Tour, disaster struck.

The 1000 Hotels Tour began in Brussels, Belgium, on March 3rd, 2008, and was set to continue through The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Scandinavia, ending on the 9th of April. However 11 days after the start of the tour, on March 14th, Kaulitz began to experience voice problems in the middle of a show in Marseilles, France. He let the audience sing more often and the band cut their set down from 21 to 16 songs.

Two days after the incident in France, Tokio Hotel canceled a show in Lisbon, Portugal moments before it was to commence. The band, with the exception of Bill, came on the stage and apologized for the show being canceled. They explained that Bill was sick and was being flown back to Germany to see a doctor. Kaulitz had played 43 shows without a break and had developed an untreated throat infection. The infection caused a cyst to develop on the singer's vocal chords that had to be removed with larynx surgery on March 30th. Kaulitz was unable to speak for 12 days afterward and had to undergo vocal rehabilitation for a month.

By May 2008 Kaulitz had sufficiently recovered and Tokio Hotel rescheduled the 1000 Hotels Tour dates, adding several open air concerts. The tour concluded on July 13th, 2008 in Werchter, Belgium and, despite the surgery and time taken off, was deemed a success.

Allegations of homosexuality, stalking incident, Humanoid, car accident, and the future for Tokio Hotel (2007 - present) With the androgynous style and use of makeup, alongside the mounting celebrity that Bill Kaulitz had obtained, rumours concerning the singer's sexuality began to circulate. Kaulitz treated the comments as baseless rumors and took them in stride, as was seen regarding comments made by the German gangster rapper Bushido. Bushido, on several occasions, made (admittedly crude) comments about being interested in the singer. The result was not a feud, but a surprising friendship that now has both artists supporting one-another's careers publicly, despite their completely different genres of music. In fact, for the 2008 EMA's Bushido requested that his fans vote for Tokio Hotel, even if they did not like the band's music.

In 2007 an issue of the French magazine Voici was released with an article entitled "Bill De Tokio Hotel: Gay Ou Pas Gay?" (Bill from Tokio Hotel: Gay or not gay?), in response to rumours that the teen singer came out as homosexual on an internet website. Kaulitz remained quiet about his alleged sexuality, but after a week he appeared on the German celebrity news show Exclusive Weekend, denying the rumours. He responded, "No, I am not gay."

More trouble came for Kaulitz when in late 2008/early 2009 several female stalkers pursued the band relentlessly, even following his twin brother Tom Kaulitz to his parents' home in Germany. The issue seemed to end after his twin brother Tom allegedly hit one of the stalkers at a gas station in April 2009 and drove off. However, a recent article in Bild stated that the issue had resurfaced and that Tom Kaulitz may stand trial for assault. In late December of 2009, the charges against Tom were lifted and as most currently known, he is pressing charges himself — against the girl he allegedly hit — on grounds of stalking.

Over 2008 and 2009, Tokio Hotel returned to the recording studio to record their second English album and third German album. The result was Humanoid, which was a much more techno-oriented release and a new sound that displayed how Kaulitz - and the band as a whole - were maturing rapidly even though the twins had only recently reached their 20's. Humanoid was released on October 6th, 2009, and just short of a month later Tokio Hotel picked up the "Best Group" award at the EMAs in Berlin on November 5th. Humanoid has so far spawned two singles, "Automatic"/"Automatisch", released in September 2009, and "World Behind My Wall"/"Lass uns laufen" (meaning "Let Us Run"), to be released in January 2010.

Shortly after the EMAs, Bild reported that the day prior to the award show Bill Kaulitz was in a car accident while driving to Berlin. Another car veered into Kaulitz's lane without signaling causing the singer to swerve and crash into a guardrail. Kaulitz was unharmed and was able to perform at the EMAs in Berlin the next day.

In 2009, he reprised the role of the German voice of Arthur again for the Arthur und die Minimoys (Arthur And The Invisibles) sequel. In 2010, Bill and Tokio Hotel teamed up with Kerli to record the song Strange for the upcoming Alice In Wonderland movie and Almost Alice soundtrack album.

Public image Bill Kaulitz is famous for his androgynous appearance. German site says that his look, young age and edgy hairstyle has helped him obtain icon status among many teenage girls. Kaulitz designs many of his own stage costumes, and despite poor drawing skills, the designs are constructed by his tailor. The singer apparently collects suspenders, and is also "totally crazy about jackets". Kaulitz reports he has hundreds of jackets in his closet - though he has said that none of his jackets are real leather as he is opposed to using animal pelts/feathers for clothing. He cites his fashion and style influences as David Bowie — particularly in the film "Labyrinth" — Nena, Vampires, Paris secondhand shops, striking jewelry and Dior Homme.

In August 2008, Kaulitz was chosen as the most attractive singer on stage by the readers of the Spanish magazine ¡Hola!.He was also immortalized in wax at the Madame Tussauds museum in Berlin on September 30, 2008. Bill was 19 when the likeness was made, making him the youngest person to be duplicated by the Madame Tussauds museum. In December 2008, Bill Kaulitz was named "Man of the Year #6" by MTV News.

Since 2007, Kaulitz was uninterruptedly featured in the 100 Unsexiest Women-list by FHM.

In September 2009, Kaulitz was chosen by fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld to take part in a photo shoot for the 30th birthday of Vogue (magazine) in Germany. Karl Lagerfeld described him as "The Other Idea of a German" and wrote that the 20-year-old singer with the unusual styling became a superstar; and a fashion icon.

While in October 2009, Kaulitz was #11 on German magazine GQ's Best Dressed list. They cite his flamboyant style as one of the reasons he was chosen, as well as his liking to change and try new things. Designer Michael Michalsky supported his decision by saying: “Bill Kaulitz is unique and uncompromising, Pop-Art brought to life. He likes to change – that is fashion.” For the Dsquared2 Fall/Winter 2010 fashion show, Bill opened and closed the show while the song "Screamin'" from the album "Humanoid" played in the background.

Fun Facts about Bill

...Bill sometimes forget to brush his teeth at night?
...Bill is afraid that he and Tom will get in a big fight and never speak to each other again?
...the mark on Bills hairspray is "Kyrell"?
...Bills favorite eyeliner is Maybeline?
...Bill whistles when he's in the shower?
...Bill is allergic too apples and mosquito bites?
...his favorite color is orange?
...he hate his feets?
...he hates crying fans?
...Bill would sleep untill 6 pm if he could?
...Bill got his fist kiss when he was 9 years old
...he is right-handed?
...he don't wear makeup when he's at home, and alone?
...Bill is very superstitious?
...Bill allways has a teddy bear with him to th's concerts?
...he hates potatoes and broccoli, and once he eat a whole plate of broccoli and threw up afterwards?
...he hates when girls bites their nails, but when he's nervous he does it himself?
...he is afraid of insects, and expecially spiders?
...during the Echo Awards 2007 Bill got stopped when he wanted to go to the men's room, because the watchman thought he was a girl?
...Bill only sleeps in his underpants?
...When he make up a song he sings it to Tom, so he can play it for him?
...Bill doesen't wan't to sing before 8 am, because he think that his voice has not woke up yet.
...He don't like liars and unreliable people?
...He want one more tatoo, there's placed below the one he has on his hip?
...If somebody tells him that some of his fans is sick, he can think about it for days?
...He and Tom shared their room when they were younger?
...When he was 6 years old he had to look after a rabit, but it ran away?
...He listens to "White Flag" when he has to write songs?
...Bill is more close to Tom, than his mother (Simone)?
...When he was a little boy, he wanted to be a wizard?
...he think that it's strenuous to reach the high notes?
...he has a T-mobile Sidekick II ?
...He don't wan't his girlfriend to be taller than himself?
...Bill loves the yellow "Maoam's" ?
...Once he spended 17.000€ in a Diesel store, in 30 minutes?
...He's afraid of seaweed?
...He loves girls that screams to concerts?
...His granny call him "Macky"?
...He feel's guitly when he had one-night-stands?
...Bill likes to sew?
...He had stragefright before?
...He don't like when fans dress like him?
...He spends his money very fast?
...He don't do his own laundry ?
...He don't wan't to get maried - ever ?
...He thinks that he and Tom are bad to break up with girls?
...At McDonal's he allways order a Big Mac, 6 nuggets and a vanlilla milkshake?
...His favorite animal is a monkey?
...He think that Georg and Tom talks vulgar?
...He rather want's a girl with a good ass, than a girl with big breasts?
...He knows how to play keyboard?

Tomas Kaulitz

Tomas Kaulitz-Trumper (born 1 September 1989) better known as Tom Kaulitz, in Leipzig, East Germany, guitarist Germany, famous after joining the band had grown to musical (Tokio Hotel) with his twin brother (Bill Kaulitz), has won several awards from the (MTV) and others, is the lead guitarist in the German band Tokio Hotel. He has performed with his twin brother, Bill, since the age of 9. They later began to make music together with Georg, bassist and Gustav, the drummer.

Education In school, and he and his brother Bill Kaulitz were not popular. On the contrary, were often insulted with words such as "Sonata" or "gang of young children" in their appearance. Two months after his first appearance, was more popular when he left the school during the year to insults. One day in class brought a T-shirt when you put "I Will Kill Bill * and the rest of the band as well." By Tom and Bill and other elements in the group (George, Gustav) has not been able to finish compulsory secondary education category, and is currently taking courses online to finish school.

Tom and Bill when he was six years of age his father, Jörg Kaulitz, and his mother Simone divorced. Their mother married current husband, Gordon Trumper, who played guitar in a band, and it would be a significant impact on the musical careers of Tom and Bill. She was married to Gordon Trumper, and Tom began playing the guitar. The trump card was a very good effect on the two boys.

He has brown eyes, black hair, weighs 54 kilograms. He loves art, graffiti, playing guitar and all music in general. But prefers German rapper Samy Deluxe, and the favorite song of the moment and Aerosmith. His family has accepted two of the monkeys sweet, because he loves animals more exotic. Also, side by side with his brother to take care of dogs and cats . His first album he bought was Aerosmith.

Tom Kaulitz and his brother, Bill Kaulitz I have two completely different styles, but are in fact identical twins.

Tom's brother, Bill, and began singing and writing songs when he was only nine years old, and they met in 2001 showed George and Gustav Schafer in the course of local music. And convergence of taste in music led to the founding of the band Devilish . Being performed on the premises, and local small and gain experience of standing on the stage. In 2003 and the group met with record producer Peter Hoffmann, and only after it signed a contract with Universal Music Domestic Division in Hamburg. When the group had also changed their name to Tokio Hotel .

Style His style of dress is baggy Hip-Hop clothes, with dreadlocks (now braids) and large New Era hats, the only one of the band to do so. As of September 2007, Tom was using Gibson guitars and Mesa/Boogie Rectifier Heads with Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4x12 cabinets. He has stated his musical influences to be Aerosmith and German hip-hop such as Samy Deluxe.

Personal life Tom Kaulitz Born (September 1, 1989) in Leipzig, East Germany, was born ten minutes before his twin brother, Bill Kaulitz. He is the guitar player and one of the songwriters of Tokio Hotel.

Fun Facts about Tom

  • Tom plays the guitar in the band Tokio Hotel
  • He and his brother Bill are twins (--> Bill Kaulitz). But Tom came 10 minutes earlier on this world.
    His parents be parted as Tom and Bill were six years old. The twins live with her mother Simone Kaulitz.
  • With nine years they went from Magdeburg to Loitsche.
  • The later stepfather, Gordon Trümper, played also in a rock ‘n’ roll band. He played guitar in his band. To this time he has also a music school.
  • Tom was inspirited by his stepfather to learn guitar. But he also was learning by doing.
  • Privacy he likes to listen HipHop. And his favourite singer is the German HipHop-star is Samy Deluxe. To his absolutely favourites song belongs 50 Cent's "In Da Club". But Tom likes Rock music, too. His first rockalbum was from Aerosmith.
  • The Kaulitz' have a dog called "Scotty" and a cat called "Kasimir". Scotty, the Labrador – Doberman-half breed would fetched in a animal shelter, when he was 9 months. And the cat they found outdoor.
  • Tom goes on the same high school like his brother. (Kurfürst-Joachim-Friedrich-Gymnasium in Wolmirstedt -->
  • His bus to school goes at same time like his brothers: at 6 o'clock
  • His favourite subject was art
  • He took for long time karate – lesson
  • Tom and Bill, both be use apple computers
  • When he was six years old (like his brother), he played with his brother a role in the TV-movie "Verrückt nach dir".
  • He is a graffiti-fan
  • Sometimes he smokes
  • Tom is a great fan of "Gibson"-Guitars
Has around 70 caps
Bill’s cat has attacked Tom once, cause he throw chips on her,( have you heard about that he also did throw a caps on her)?
He overstate a lot!
He eats all the time
He hates dr.pepper (a drink)
He is very good on skating
He sings very loud while taking a bath
He has broken his arm twice…
He says that if he was “crazy” on money… he’d rather became a formel1 driver or a fotballplayer.
When Bill and Tom were 6 yars old, they took a part in a TV show called ” verruckt nach dir ”
He wrote the song “schwarz”
He wrote the music of “hilf mir fliegen”
He’s fave animal is monkies:D
Bill and Tom had braces.
He hates tight clothes.
He loves parties and drinking.
He thinks that Angelina Jolie is too hot
He admit to not be romantic
Twin brother of Bill Kaulitz, a member of Tokio Hotel.
Was born 10 minutes before his twin brother, Bill.
Is an avid Hip Hop fan. His favorite artist to listen to is German Hip Hop singer Samy Deluxe.
His favorite subject in school was Art.
Received his first guitar when he was 9, by his step-father.
His step-father owns a music school called, “Rock’s Cool”.
Enjoys partying, hip hop, music, girls and graffiti.
Favorite food is pasta.
Favorite drinks are Cola and Strawberry Nesquick.
Owns about 17 guitars.
He has one luggage full of his caps when he is on tour.
Bilingual: English and German.
His most hated subjects at school were Maths and Physics.
Owns a Black Cadillac car.
He and his twin brother do not have middle names.

Georg Listing

Georg Moritz Hagen Listing, (born in Halle (Germany) in the March 31, 1987), better known as Georg Listing, is a German musician, bassist for the band Tokio Hotel .

Biography Georg Listing was (born on 31 March 1987). His hometown is Halle. He began playing bass when he was thirteen-years-old,and, as of September 2007, uses a Sandberg bass. He has said that his playing style was heavily influenced by Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers, and other musical influences include Die Ärzte and Oasis.

He grew up in Magdeburg with his parents doctors. Intended only child as his father is a dentist with two classmates looking for a bassist for the group that George will make the music. But this project will never lead. Encouraged by his parents to continue, Georg part in a music school. There he met Gustav Schäfer, drummer since the age of four. Soon the two boys become friends .

In 2001, Georg Gustav presents the twin brothers Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz, which lacks a drummer and a bassist. During the meeting, the current flows immediately and the decision is taken quickly to form a rock band. The four then form the group Devilish (Devilish) (Bill and Tom formed the band Black QuestionMarck before). In 2005 this same group, then under contract with Universal Music will Tokio Hotel .

Good student, like the other 3 members of the group, it is one that has attached the greatest importance to education and its "future" professional. Moreover, while his three companions had left school after the summer of 2005, Georg continued to attend schools of his high school until January 2006. Tokio Hotel was in full success. He insisted on passing his exams before devoting himself entirely to the group. But his many professional obligations, and the jealousy of other students have made the situation untenable. Georg had to take courses by correspondence.

Style His favorite artists go through Yellowcard Fall Out Boy and Nickelback. His model as is bassist Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Fun Facts about Georg

His name is pronounced as “Geh-org”.

He owns a black and white checkered guitar which has his band’s name on it.

He is an only child.

His father is a dentist.

His parents are divorced.

His idol is Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

His favorite bands are Fall Out Boy and Oasis.

His favorite food is pasta.

He is the bassist of the German Rock band, Tokio Hotel.

Personal Quotes

On how he would create a romantic date: I would just try to be who I am and not put on any fancy cloths to impress the girl. I mean obviously I am very happy if a girl dresses up for me but I also don’t want her to pretend to be someone she’s not.

To create a romantic mood, I would take her out to a beautiful restaurant. Well, now that I think about it, I would probably prepare a meal myself – that’s more intimate. It might taste better in a restaurant but my pasta is definitely also worth a try!

Father: Like Bill and Tom, Georg’s parents are divorced. His father is a dentist and doesn’t have a very good relationship with his son. Georg doesn’t like talking about it either.

School: Graduated from the German form of senior high.

Favourite Subject in School: Psychology.

Hated Subjects in School: Math and German.

Hobbies: Music and once in awhile sports.

His Idol: Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favourite Music: Fall out boy, Billy Talent and Yellowcard.

Favourite songs: “Glamorous” von Fergie und “Golden” von Fall out Boy

First album he ever bought: “Definitely maybe” from Oasis

First concert he’s ever been to: Die Ärzte

Distinctive signs: His muscles.

Motto: It always changes.

Personality: Georg and Tom are more alike when it comes to hitting on girls. He also enjoys showing his body off when on stage and usually strips his shirt off. Georg is also teased a lot from the twins due to his clumsiness. He also likes sleeping naked.

Gustav Schäfer

Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer, (born in Magdeburg in East Germany, September 8, 1988), better known as Gustav Schäfer, is a German musician, best known as being, since 2001, the drummer for the band Tokio Hotel .

Biography Gustav Schäfer was born on 8 September 1988 in his hometown of Magdeburg, and has an older sister. Gustav has been playing the drums since he was five.His musical influences include Metallica, Joe Cocker and Rod Stewart.

He always had the rhythm in the skin. Petit, he listened to the CD Pop / Rock that his father passed on the family stereo (Genesis, Eric Clapton, etc.), and naturally it marked the rhythm of the drums with his hands. His parents soon noticed he had a talent for rhythm and were enrolled in a music school where he learned to handle percussion.

This early passion for drums has allowed him to evacuate all the frustrations he knew through school. Gustav has always suffered from its small size. Indeed in college, it was the size of a pupil of CE2. It has been a victim of bullying and humiliation by his classmates.

At the age of nine, the twins Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz start-up small concerts in the holiday village and school. They occur very often in a room of Magdeburg where young musicians from the region come to participate in small competitions.

In 2001, during one of these representations, as Gustav remark tandem voice rope that form when the twins Kaulitz, aged 12. It is the first, he, with his sensitivity, to have felt, from his first encounter with the twins Kaulitz that something had happened between them.

"When I saw Tom and Bill, playing and singing, I immediately realized that my future was going to play with them"

He is impressed by the delivery of 2 brothers, but shocked by the fact that they have a simple drum machine as a battery. He returned to see the next day with his friend Georg, a bassist who attends the same conservatory him. During the meeting, the current flows immediately and the decision is taken quickly to form a pop rock band. He named this group Devilish (Devilish). The group will sign a contract in 2005 with record label Universal Music. It becomes Tokio Hotel .

Style His musical tastes are moving to New Metal. His favorite bands are Metallica, Foo Fighters, Slipknot, System of a Down, Nickelback, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Meshuggah.

According to other group members, it has not changed, even over success. Good jokes and funny stories is its radius. With a jovial nature, he brings to the group's temperament and dynamism. Grumpy, but a joker, Gustav is a true electric battery constantly in motion. Within the group, he is the great sportsman.

The shy and reserved side he explains, does not prevent him to assume fully who he is, with, as with other group members, an impressive maturity for his young age.

Gustav: "I care less about what others think of me. I advise everyone to do the same!

Fun Facts about Gustav

Siblings: An older sister.

School: He’s graduated from the German form of senior high.

Favourite Subject in School: Sports and Economics.

Hated Subjects in School: Math and Physics.

Hobbies: Riding his bike and music.

His Idol: Lars Ulrich of Metallica.

Favourite Music/Artists: Metallica

First album he ever bought: “Black Album” from Metallica

First concert he’s ever been to: A festival with many artists. Joe Cocker was one of them.

Distinctive signs: Always seen wearing a cap.

Motto: Hauptsache alles geht schief. (Which means the same as: As long as everything goes wrong)

Personality: Gustav is very a quiet and a cute person. He prefers to stay in the background. He’s also very sensitive and can get moody and sulky really easily. He’s also very impatient. He’s always the first one to get up in the mornings and waits till the rest of the band drags themselves out of bed while he’s already made breakfast and gotten ready. When you first get to know him – you realise that he is such a sweet heart!

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