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LM.C is a Japanese visual kei band, playing a hybrid of rock and electronic pop (branded New Century Electrock by the band), that consists of two members.
Also known as
Lovely Mocochang.Com
Rock, electro rock
Years active

Pony Canyon
Associated acts
Pierrot, Miyavi


LM.C was founded by maya, a support guitarist for musician Miyavi in the support band Ishihara Gundan (Ishihara being Miyavi's real last name, Gundan means 'brigade' or 'army' in Japanese) and a guitarist in his own band, The Sinners. While still with Miyavi, maya and other support members also played live shows as LM.C. Later they were joined by Aiji of Pierrot.

After maya quit Miyavi's band and Aiji's band Pierrot disbanded, LM.C made their major label debut in October 2006, releasing two singles, "Trailers (Gold)" and "Trailers (Silver)."

As 2007 began, the group came out with a third single, "Oh My Juliet", which was the 2nd ending theme for the Red Garden anime. On March 7, they released their first EP, "Glitter Loud Box".

They released their fourth single, "BOYS & GIRLS" in June 2007, featured as the 2nd opening theme for the anime Reborn!

Their fifth single, "Liar Liar/Sentimental Piggy Romance," saw an October 2007 release, while their sixth single, "Bell the Cat", was released in December of the same year.

In 2008, LM.C released "John", in the winter, and "88", another opening theme for the Reborn! anime, in the summer. LM.C then debuted in North America, performing at Anime Expo's "Battle of the Bands" on 3 July 2008, followed by a concert at the Crash Mansion in Los Angeles, California on 5 July. Also in July, they performed their first hall concert at C.C. Lemon Hall (Shibuya, Japan); tickets to the show were sold out within two minutes of its release. Closing on July, they were invited to perform at the "FORMOZ festival" in Taiwan as a main act for the second consecutive year.

In November, LM.C’s first album “Super Glitter Loud Box” and the second album “Gimmical ☆ Impact!!” were simultaneously released worldwide. These two albums were also available worldwide on main music download stores on the same day, with possibly different release dates for other countries.

In March 2010, the band released their new album "WONDERFUL WONDERHOLIC".


On November 16, 2008, the band embarked on their first world tour, the “LM.C Tour ‘08-‘09”. The tour included stops in South America, Europe, and Asia for a total of 34 shows in twelve countries.

LM.C was scheduled to appear at A-Kon in Dallas, Texas on May 29, 2009 but canceled due to threats of Swine flu. ll other overseas tours were canceled by Pony Canyon.

The band's European tour started on April 3, 2010 with a total of twelve shows in eight different countries. In May LM.C appeared at at FanimeCon 2010 in San Jose, California, where they performed on May 30 and also held a Q&A panel the day after.


Masahito Yamazaki AKA Maya

Real name: Masahito Yamazaki
Stage name: Maya (used to be known as Maayatan)
Age: 31
Birthay: July 30th, 1979
Birthplace: Nagano, Japan
Bloodtype: AB
Zodiac Sign:  (Western) Leo. (Eastern) Goat
Height: 182 ~ 185 cm (5'9"-6'0")
Previous bands: SINNERS, used to be the Support guitarist in Miyavi's band

Fun Facts about Maya

Likes: Starbucks
Favorite Candy: Pecopop
Favorite Band: X Japan
+ likes Starbucks and lollipops
+ always tries to get Aiji to eat his lollipops
+ has a dog named Moco
+ is a huge fan of "Kateikyoshi Hitman REBORN!"

Mizui Shinji AKA Aiji

Real name: Mizui Shinji
Stage name: Aiji
Age: 36
Birthday: Nov 17th, 1974
Birthplace: Nagano, Japan
Bloodtype: A
Zodiac sign: (Western) Scorpio (Eastern) Tiger
Height: 175-177 cm (5'7"- 5'8")
Weight: 53 kg (116 LBS)
Previous bands: Siam Shade (roadie), Mona Lisa (vocalist, was known as "Ai" back then), KALEN (guitarist, was known as "Ai" back then), PIERROT (lead guitarist)
Family: parents, older brother

Fun Facts about Aiji

Hobbies: talking on the phone, playing videogames, shopping and sleeping
Favorite colors: purple, red
+ loves his cellphones
+ hates to be alone
+ can't cook but eats about anything
+ neat freak
+ goes for a run when he needs to think
+ smokes a lot
+ changed his name from "Ai" to "Aiji" when he joined PIERROT, to symbolize the new start he was having in his life
+ is good friends with Taizo (Zero MHZ)
+likes turtles.

Support Band 2009 world tour support

  • mACKAz - bass
  • Death-O - drums
  • Jun - keyboard
2010 world tour support

  • Ken - bass
  • Yuya - drums
  • Jun - keyboard
  • DENKI MAN - VJ/Parapara


Albums and EPs
  • Glitter Loud Box (March 7, 2007)
  • Gimmical☆Impact!! (November 5, 2008)
  • Super Glitter Loud Box (November 5, 2008)
  • Wonderful Wonderholic (March 3, 2010)
  • "Trailers (Gold)" (October 4, 2006)
  • "Trailers (Silver)" (October 4, 2006)
  • "Oh My Juliet." (January 31, 2007)
  • "Boys & Girls" (May 23, 2007)
  • "Liar Liar"/"Sentimental Piggy Romance" (October 10, 2007)
  • "Bell the Cat" (December 12, 2007)
  • "John" (February 20, 2008)
  • "88" (June 4, 2008)
  • "Punky❤Heart" (May 20, 2009)
  • "Ghost†Heart" (November 4, 2009)
Compilations DVDs
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