About me

My name is Elizabeth, Li4z for short (the 4 is silent) , I'm 17 years old, I'm a Christian and I listen to everything from country to Hatebreed, Dope, Eminem, Tokio Hotel and Jrock of course!
and that's all of my personal life that you need to know a special thanks to 2pikachu8 for making this happen. :)  ~.^
((P.S I'd like to say I got all info of the bands off of Wikipedia, ya cause it's just that awesome ^.^. you might say I'm a total fangirl for all the info I'm putting up but, hey, I love their music, and well, I might be a fangirl but I'm not one of those obsessed fangirl who would jump on them if I saw offence to any of those fangirls who are reading this lol ^.^))


The link to my Myyearbook profile


My youtube account is MusicChick528

I usually make amvs about anime such as Bleach, Naruto, Death note and on. But I also made 3 Ben 10 videos (which are my most viewed video actually) so if you would like to check them on click the link above ^.^


My Quizilla account is known as XVictoryBoundX

I have some stories, and one-shots on there but with the stories I have a problem with not finishing them ><
but if ya still wanna read what I have click the link above ^.^


I'm also on VampireFreaks under the username Gothc_Anime
so if ya ever want to hit me up, I'm on there.


I have two accounts on Da mostly cause the first one started getting crowded with all the art, bases, and used bases.
This is the first account (AnimeDaydream)
and this is the 2nd account (XxXPixelPerfectXxX) if you have a request for a base hit me up


I don't really have ONE username cause I'm forever changing it, but this is my account of the popular Myspace ^.^


Here is the link to my facebook account!/profile.php?id=100001039665491&ref=profile

So there they are, the websites I'm most on and my accounts on them, I'll put some other pages up about other stuff later ^.^
Peace ppl!